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Like Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport® is derived from botulinum toxin Type A. This product has been used for facial aesthetics in other parts of the world for more than 15 years with excellent safety and efficacy profile. Dysport® was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April 2009. Dysport® is best-suited for rejuvenation of the upper face by reducing or eliminating the frown lines; reshaping the brows allowing for a gentle brow lift; and reducing the forehead lines and crow's feet. These results last for three to four months.

Dr. Sommerville carefully evaluates each patient's individual muscle structure and wrinkle position, and customizes the injection sites to accomplish optimal and natural results. The injections of Dysport® are quick and relatively painless. Skin cooling prior to the procedure as well as topical anesthetics may be used in order to ease any discomfort.

Most patients choose to have Dysport® injection performed in order to reduce or eliminate frown lines located between the eyebrows. These wrinkles are not just age-related, since they happen primarily due to frequent facial movements (expressions), such as frowning or squinting. For that reason, frown lines may also occur in younger adults with expressive faces. Dysport® blocks the nerve signals necessary for the involved muscles to contract which leads to localized reduction in muscle activity, and results in softening or eliminating wrinkles in the treated area.

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