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Microdermabrasion Services in Chevy Chase, MD

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What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion Washington DC | Chevy Chase MDMicrodermabrasion allows for gentle and precise skin exfoliation improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. It is suitable for almost any skin type.

At Chevy Chase Dermatology, our advanced crystal-free microdermabrasion system eliminates the occurrence of airborne hazards while ensuring reliable, excellent results with no patient downtime.

During your forties, the natural cell turnover begins to slow down, resulting in a dull complexion. Microdermabrasion can contribute to restoring your skin’s youth, erasing sun damage, and improving fine lines and dark spots.

Microdermabrasion involves exfoliating the skin using small particles in order to expedite cell turnover and stimulate new cell growth. At our office, we utilize genuine sapphire granules located on a gently vibrating tip, which while passing across the skin surface, removes the outermost layer of dead skin. This safe, no-downtime, painless, yet effective patented Swiss technology represents a form of the newest, state of the art, “coarse grit” microdermabrasion technique.

Sapphire Microdermabrasion with Botanical Extract Infusion

Microdermabrasion patient in Chevy Chase MDAt Chevy Chase Dermatology, we offer a unique patented Swiss technology of sapphire abrasion performed with genuine sapphire crystals to painlessly and effectively remove the top layer of the skin in order to expedite the cell renewal. This step prepares the skin to receive and absorb soothing yet stimulating treatment formulated with pure botanical extracts including green tea extract, grape seed extract, rosemary extract, licorice extract and aloe vera. The results are cumulative over time and a series of 5 treatments is recommended. This unique procedure is designed to accomplish noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, revealing softer, smoother skin while reducing the sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Sapphire 3® Photo Abrasion Therapy

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microdermabrasionTHE NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART SWISS TECHNOLOGY representing the ultimate combination of no-downtime, painless rejuvenation treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged/clogged pores, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, anti-aging skin rejuvenation and more…

The treatment includes:

  • The Sapphire Abrasion named after actual Sapphire granules used to painlessly remove the outer most surface layers of the skin.
  • Vitamin and nutrient infused exfoliation delivering the natural benefits of sweet almond, sweet almond oil, glycol, field horsetail and citrus limonum.
  • Relaxing Massage and Lymphatic Drainage to detoxify and regenerate the tissues.
  • Red Monochromatic Light Therapy to stimulate production of collagen and expedite the replacement of older damaged cells.
  • Blue L.E.D. Therapy known for its antibacterial effects in acne and promotion of healthy cell growth and faster healing.

More about Photo Abrasion Therapy

sapphire photo abrasion
sapphire photo abrasion
sapphire photo abrasion

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"Dear Dr. Sommerville,

I have had severe hyperpigmentation on my face all of my adult life. I have wasted a lot of time and money on treatments at various spas and plastic surgeons' offices that did nothing. I thought I was destined to wear concealer for the rest of my life. Finally, I found your practice online while looking for a dermatologist for my daughter. I liked the website so I decided to also give you a try. Now, after using the Obagi skin care routine for two months combined with in office Sapphire Photo abrasion treatments, I have dared to go out without make-up for the first time! This has made a huge difference in my life and gave me a boost especially after a painful divorce. Dr. Sommerville, how I wish I had found you sooner!" - Dana (homemaker)

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