April, 2016

Why Everyone Should Consider Using These Skin Care Products

April 26, 2016

Prescription-Stregth Retinoids, Such as Retin A, Refissa, Renova: Consider these a foundation of any well-designed anti-aging skincare protocol. Why? Research demonstrates that consistent use of these vitamin A derivatives, creates a substantial layer of new collagen in the skin, which corresponds to a statistically significant decrease in superficial wrinkles. Retinoids also increase production of elastin...  read more

Want a Plumper Pout: Three Benefits of Juvederm

April 15, 2016

Do you have thin lips or do you look in the mirror and think that you may want to have plumper lips? If so, you are not alone. Lip injections are a non-permanent yet effective way to give you a plumper pout without any of the hassle of having to go under the knife for...  read more

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