Acne 101: Understanding Your Acne

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October 15, 2016

Suffering from acne can not only put a damper on the overall appearance of your skin, but it can also put a damper on how confident you feel about yourself everyday. As one of the ailments that affects teenagers who are going through puberty, acne can make life a bit more difficult for kids. If you or your child is suffering from extreme acne, it’s important to know the ins and outs of it— including the contributing factors and how it can be treated. Read on to learn more.

How is acne caused?
One of the big things to realize for both boys and girls is that acne can be caused primarily by hormones— meaning that within a few years time, the acne will simply go away by itself. However, acne can also be caused by things such as an excess production of oil on the skin, dirt, and the accumulation of bacteria. That is why it is especially important that pre-teens and teenagers get into a good daily skincare routine.

How it can be prevented?
Sometimes, as mentioned above, if acne is caused primarily by hormones, there is nothing that you can really do other than letting it ride its course. However, because there are likely other contributing factors such as oil and bacteria, getting into a good skin care routine and avoiding things like touching your face with dirty hands can drastically cut down on excess oil production. Additionally, there are some prescription oral medications and creams that can be prescribed in order to help treat the acne.

What can Chevy Chase Dermatology do?
Here at Chevy Chase Dermatology, our number one goal is to ensure that all of our patients get the best results possible. And when it comes to acne, we not only want our patients to get good results but fast results as well. That’s why we offer our patients treatment solutions such as oral medications, topical creams, microdermabrasion, antiandrogens, blackhead extraction, and more.

If you or your child is suffering from acne, contact Chevy Chase Dermatology today!

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