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April 15, 2018

dermatological services Chevy Chase MD With so many spas offering cosmetic procedures like micro needling, microdermabrasion, and Botox it can seem like there’s practically one around every corner, which can make choosing a spa to go to feel overwhelming. Here at Chevy Chase Dermatology, we pride ourselves on being unique, which we feel, makes us a better choice. But how are we unique? Let’s take a closer look.

We Offer Two Types of Dermatology

Unlike other offices, here at Chevy Chase Dermatology, we pride ourselves on offering both medical and cosmetic dermatology services because, for most patients, these fields are intertwined. By addressing both cosmetic and medical dermatology issues, we have seen our patients get better results.

Time Matters

Although we will do our best to complete every appointment promptly, Dr. Sommerville believes that every person deserves her time. She takes her time to consider benefits and risks of every procedure and believes that “less is more” when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Because of this approach, she focuses on ensuring patients don’t leave with an “over-botoxed” or “frozen” looking appearance.

We Use Disposable Supplies

One of the other things that make our office unique is that we use disposable supplies where we can. This helps us keep a sterile and safe office for all of our patients. Additionally, we only buy Botox and fillers from certified retailers even if they are at a higher price— our client's safety is our main goal.

It can be easy to jump online and find a Groupon for Botox or fillers, but they may not always be a trusted physician. When you come to Chevy Chase Dermatology, you know that you are in the hands of the best and that Dr. Sommerville will give you natural looking results each and every time.

Are you ready to schedule your consultation? Contact our Chevy Chase office at 301-656-SKIN.

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