Eliminate Your Double Chin Without Surgery Using Kybella Injectables

October 15, 2019

Do you avoid photographs because of your double chin? Are you always worried about the excess fat under your chin, and find ways to hide it with turtlenecks? Have you considered plastic surgery to remove this unwanted fat, but have been worried about scarring and cost of treatment? If you reside in the area of Chevy Chase, MD and are interested in finding an alternative treatment for your double chin, we encourage you to contact Dr. Margaret Summerville of Chevy Chase Dermatology to learn more about Kybella injections.

What is Kybella and how does it work?

Kybella is a new, effective solution available for patients who want to treat excess skin underneath the chin, known as submental fullness. With injections in the area, the fat cells present are broken down and removed through the body. Kybella is formulated with deoxycholic acid which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of fat underneath the chin. Instead of undergoing plastic surgery, patients can visit their dermatologist for injections on a routine basis to gradually treat submental fullness and eliminate the double chin.

Is Kybella permanent?

The fat cells that are destroyed with the deoxycholic acid will never be replaced, so the results of treatment are considered permanent. The number of treatments to achieve the desired results will vary from patient to patient.

What to expect during Kybella treatment

Patients interested in Kybella are often worried about what to expect during their treatment. The skin is cleansed thoroughly before Dr. Margaret Summerville injects Kybella into the problem area. Many injections are made around the chin and jowl area to ensure fat reduction. Patients may feel some tenderness at the injection site for a day or two, but it is often well-tolerated. Over time, patients will notice a reduction in their double chin, especially when they return every few weeks for continued injections.

Are you interested in discussing Kybella with Dr. Margaret Summerville?

Connect with Chevy Chase Dermatology in Chevy Chase, MD by calling (301) 656-SKIN and discuss your needs with our team of professionals. We can provide you with solutions to the skin and body that are noninvasive and effective at improving cosmetic appearance. We are located in Suite 830 at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue.

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