Why patients choose laser hair removal

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January 15, 2022

Do you find yourself spending time and money removing unwanted hair on a regular basis? Do you want a more permanent way to reduce or eliminate hair in a targeted area? If you are ready to work with a team of professionals to learn about the ways to address unwanted hair in a permanent way, it might be beneficial to speak to Dr. Margaret Summerville and her team at Chevy Chase Dermatology about the benefits of laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

Whether patients want to reduce or fully eliminate unwanted hair in a specific area of the face or body, laser hair removal may be a great treatment for their unique needs. Laser hair removal, or laser hair reduction, is the use of laser light energy to damage hair follicles within the skin to keep them from producing hair in the future. The laser energy penetrates deep while protecting the surrounding skin, ensuring hair follicles are treated with time. Because the treatment only targets hair in the active growth phase, patients will not be able to see full removal in a single procedure. Instead, a series of treatments are scheduled to gradually treat all the hair in the area for full removal.

Why should I choose laser hair removal?

There are many advantages that laser hair removal can provide. First and foremost, laser hair removal can save patients both time and money, especially when compared to the cost and time associated with removing hair by waxing, shaving, or plucking. Second, laser hair removal can be a great investment in one’s body and provide patients with the confidence they need to wear more revealing clothing without worrying about unshaved or unexpected hair growth. Third, laser hair removal is performed with FDA-cleared laser devices and managed with an experienced provider for safe and effective results.

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