What Causes Rosacea Flare-Ups?

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August 15, 2023

RosaceaRosacea is a type of skin condition that causes facial redness, swollen bumps, facial burning, visible veins, and more. The cause of rosacea is currently unknown, but we do know that certain things can cause flare-ups to occur.

These flare-ups cause heavy symptoms to persist for days, weeks, to even months. Avoiding these flare-ups is an important part of treating rosacea. Let’s explore some common rosacea triggers so you can better understand and avoid them.

Sun Exposure

According to a survey of over one thousand rosacea patients by the National Rosacea Society, sun exposure is the most common rosacea trigger. It is believed that rosacea may be linked to an overactive immune system that is reacting to stimuli that would normally cause the face to become flush.

UV light from the sun, especially for long durations, naturally causes the face to become red because of radiation damage. Avoiding extended sun exposure and using protective clothing in the sun is recommended for people with rosacea.

Emotional Stress

Stress is a natural emotion that people feel in response to a wide variety of situations. While stress is an emotion, stress also has physical effects on the body.

Stress triggers chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, increases heart rate, increases breathing, and can cause sweating. This combination of different symptoms caused by stress is a common rosacea trigger.

Food and Drink

Some types of food and beverages can trigger rosacea in some patients. Spicy foods naturally trigger heat responses because capsaicin, a chemical found in chili peppers, and many spicy dishes can trigger rosacea flare-ups.

Alcoholic drinks like beer and wine often cause the face to become flush and can trigger rosacea as well. Hot drinks can induce similar effects. Triggers for rosacea can vary from patient to patient.

Treating the Effects of Rosacea

While the disease is not currently curable, rosacea can be effectively treated with dermatological care. Dr. Sommerville with Chevy Chase Dermatology in Chevy Chase, MD, is dedicated to providing her clients with the most cutting-edge and current techniques and technology to ensure comfort and maximize results.

Through topical, oral, laser, and IPL treatments, Dr. Sommerville can treat the effects of rosacea. If you’re experiencing rosacea flare-ups, contact Chevy Chase Dermatology at 301-656-7546 today to schedule a visit.

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