3 Ways to Cover Up Your Blemished Skin

March 15, 2017

Whether you have a big work event or just a night out planned with friends, nothing can put a damper on your look quite like having a big pimple or blemish on your skin. And although you do have the option to wear a big mask or paper bag over your head, we have some other alternatives for you. This article will discuss three ways that you can cover up your blemished skin. Read on to learn more.


To completely combat blemished skin and pimples, you should be using skincare products that have ingredients in them like salicylic acid. However, those ingredients can dry your skin out and cause you to have dry patches on your face. Before you cover up your blemish, make sure to apply a moisturizing cream over the top so that it doesn’t look dry and patchy.


The best way for you to cover up a blemish is to use a concealer. When choosing a concealer, try to choose a shade that is about one shade lighter than your actual skin. To apply the concealer, simply use your finger to dab it on so that it is rubbed into your skin and won’t wipe off.  To cover it up completely, you may have to add multiple layers.

Bronzer or Powder

Now that your blemish is moisturized and concealed, you need to make sure that it blends in with the rest of your skin. To do so, use a face powder or bronzer. When choosing a powder or bronzer, make sure that you don’t go too light or too dark— you want it to match your skin perfectly.

Having a blemish before a big day or a big event can turn your day from fab to drab in an instant. Luckily, by knowing how to cover up your blemish, you can feel confident and comfortable all day long. To learn more about how you can combat your acne or facial blemishes, contact Chevy Chase Dermatology today!

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