Powerful Peppermint: How This Oil Can Help Your Skin

December 15, 2016

With the holiday season in full swing, nothing will make you feel more merry and bright then snuggling up next to a fire with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, and some peppermint oil on your skin. As an all-natural way to soothe your skin and help with dry, itchiness, peppermint oil is also a festive scent to add to your skincare routine this month. Read on to learn more about peppermint oil, what it can be used for, and how to use it.

What Can Peppermint Oil Be Used For?
Peppermint oil is not only a great oil that can be used to help calm your nerves and heighten your senses, but it can also be used to help hydrate your skin and make it feel calm. In fact, if you have a rash caused by the cold, damp weather that is December, try adding a bit of peppermint oil to your skincare routine— you will notice that you skin is more moisturized and that any itchiness has started to subside. Additionally, because peppermint oil is an all-natural, organic treatment that can be used on your skin, you won’t have to worry about ingredients that will be harmful to your body or that will further exacerbate the existing condition.

How Can You Use Peppermint Oil?
Just as with any essential oil, you need to mix it with a carrier oil in order for it to work properly. Carrier oils include oils such as coconut oil or vegetable oil. Depending on what region of the body you are applying the oil to and any other health concerns that you may have, will help you to determine how much peppermint oil you should add to your carrier oil.
Peppermint oil is a great all-natural ingredient that you can add to your skin care routine in order to help your skin stay calm, moisturized, and otherwise comfortable. And, with the holidays in full-swing, it will help you to feel the spirit of the season.

If you would like to learn more about peppermint oil or other skin care treatments that you can add to your routine, contact Chevy Chase Dermatology today!

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