Spider vein treatment using sclerotherapy

March 15, 2020

At Chevy Chase Dermatology, we understand how important it is for patients in the area of Chevy Chase, MD to look and feel their best. When spider veins become an aesthetic issue, many men and women turn to Dr. Margaret Summerville and her team to find a solution. Sclerotherapy continues to be the most effective treatment of spider veins in the area today, even with advancements in laser and light therapies.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment used for spider veins on the legs. It involves the injection of a sclerosing agent/solution that is administered into the specific blood vessels of the spider veins. When injected, it will cause the veins to close up. The body then absorbs the veins into the body and they disappear from the surface of the skin. It is important that patients understand that the blood in these veins is redirected into stronger, healthier veins to keep the blood flow continuing. The entire treatment is completed right in the office in a short period of time, allowing patients to get back to their day with minimal interruption in their unusual activities.

What can I expect during sclerotherapy procedures?

Patients considering sclerotherapy for the removal of spider veins should not have a fear of needles. The needle is small, but some patients find the pain from the injection to be bothersome. When possible, we use topical anesthetics on the skin to help improve patient comfort during the procedure. After the injections are completed, patients are given aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. This may include wearing a compression sock or support hose as the area recovers from treatment. Over time, the spider veins will disappear and patients can rebuild their self-confidence, wearing shorts and swimsuits without embarrassment!

Discuss the benefits of spider vein treatment with the team at Chevy Chase Dermatology

Dr. Margaret Summerville and her professionals in Chevy Chase, MD are here to provide patients with solutions for medical and aesthetic concerns. If you reside in the area and want to discuss the advantages of undergoing traditional sclerotherapy to treat spider veins, we encourage you to book an appointment with our staff. Our facility is located at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 830 and can be reached at (301) 656-SKIN.

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