Over-the-Counter Remedies and Lifestyle Changes To Improve Acne

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April 15, 2023

Portrait of young man with acne problem and magnifier at homeAcne can be a troublesome condition for men and women, teenagers and adults. Many individuals are able to control their acne with readily available treatments from the drugstore and by making a few simple changes to their lifestyles. However, when this does not provide the desired results, it may be time to talk to a dermatologist at Chevy Chase Dermatology. We encourage patients to try these options first to see if they notice an improvement in the severity of their acne.

What Are Some Over-the-Counter Remedies and Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Acne?

Over-the-counter remedies for acne include topical creams and gels that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or even sulfur. These products are recommended by Dr. Margaret Summerville of Chevy Chase Dermatology as they can help to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and reduce oil production in the skin. Other popular over-the-counter treatments include retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids. Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A that can improve cell turnover, while alpha hydroxy acids help to exfoliate the skin and remove excess oils.

In addition to these over-the-counter treatments, there are several lifestyle modifications recommended by our dermatologist at Chevy Chase Dermatology that can help improve acne breakouts. Washing your face at least twice each day with a mild, gentle cleanser removes excess dirt, bacteria, and oil from the skin. Additionally, avoid touching your face with dirty hands or wearing tight clothing that rubs against the skin and irritates acne-prone areas. Eating a healthy diet low in processed foods and high in whole foods can also help reduce inflammation associated with acne breakouts.

When Do I Need To Seek the Help of a Dermatologist at Chevy Chase Dermatology?

Many patients with acne may wonder if visiting a dermatologist is a smart way to combat their condition. When over-the-counter remedies and lifestyle changes fail to provide noticeable results, many patients turn to Dr. Margaret Summerville at Chevy Chase Dermatology. She has years of experience in helping patients of all ages treat acne and other skin conditions that can be painful and embarrassing. If you live in the community of Chevy Chase, MD and want to speak to our professional team about clearing your acne-prone skin, call 301-656-SKIN to request an appointment at our practice.

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