How to Get Rid of Sun Damaged Skin

July 15, 2018

BBL Treatments Washington DCWith summer here, chances are that you have and are going to spend more time in the sun than you’d care to admit to our dermatologist office. And although a little bit of vitamin D can do your skin and body some good, too much can leave you more prone to skin cancer and with signs of sun damage like age spots. If your sun damaged skin is making you feel subconscious or worried, then we at Chevy Chase Dermatology have got you covered with BBL.

What’s BBL?

If you’re wondering what on earth BBL is and why you need to learn another acronym, here's why. BBL or broadband light is a life-changing treatment that works to help lighten sun spots and damaged skin. BBL uses light that heats up the layers of the skin. Once the heat is absorbed, it encourages your skin cells to turnover and creates new collagen— both of which help to get rid of sun damaged skin.


How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The number of treatments you will need varies from patient to patient. Depending on how much sun damage you have and how well your skin responds to BBL will help us determine how many you will need. On average, however, patients tend to need about 3-6 treatments.


When Should I Get It?

If you plan on spending a lot more of your summer outdoors, then we may recommend that you wait until the end of summer to start your BBL treatments. Not only can BBL make your skin more sensitive and prone to burning, but because you are getting rid of sun damage, the last thing you want to do is expose your skin to more of it in the process.


Having sun damaged skin can make you feel and look a little older than you’d like. Here at Chevy Chase Dermatology, we have a variety of different treatments that we can use to treat sun-damaged skin. If you want to learn more about BBL or some of our other remedies, schedule an appointment at our Chevy Chase office and call 301.656.SKIN.

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