FAQs About Chemical Peels: Your Guide to Fresher Skin

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June 15, 2023

chemical peelsAre you looking for healthy, refined skin that glows in the summer sun? If so, chemical peels may be your answer. Many people are using chemical peels to gain youthful-looking skin. In this blog post, we will answer frequently asked questions about this skin-saving treatment.

What Are Chemical Peels?
Chemical peels work their magic by removing the outermost layers of your skin. These outer layers tend to lose their shine and exhibit signs of aging. Removing these damaged layers using a chemical solution exposes brighter and refreshed layers underneath. This leaves you with a youthful look that you can see and feel.

How Often Should I Get Chemical Peels?
Many things factor into this question. Your skin type, skin condition, and the type of peel that you are using all play a role in how often you should be getting chemical peels. Typically, lighter peels can be done every two to four weeks, whereas heavier peels should only be done every six months to a year.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Chemical Peel?
There are many reasons why people are turning to chemical peels to get the skin that they’ve always dreamed of. This treatment can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging, as well as help reduce signs of acne scars.

What Should I Expect During and After Treatment?
While getting a chemical peel, you may experience a mild stinging sensation, as the chemicals are working to remove the damaged layers of skin that are sitting on top. Red and flaky skin is possible for a few days after the treatment, but it is important to follow the post-treatment procedures that your doctor gives to you to ensure that your skin heals properly.

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