The benefits of using facials as part of your regular skin care routine

May 15, 2020

While many patients think of a facial as a relaxing treatment like a massage, there is more to this service than a calming experience. Facials are essential for helping Chevy Chase, MD area patients to keep their skin clear and healthy. Dr. Margaret Summerville of Chevy Chase Dermatology educates patients on the benefits of integrating facials into one’s skincare routine.

  • Analysis of the skin. Even before a facial, our team can evaluate the skin and determine what its needs are. Whether you are dealing with enlarged pores, dehydrated skin, or pigmentation issues, our team can provide a facial that works best for improving these issues and enhancing the skin’s glow and radiance. This is also a great time for our team to educate patients on recommended products.
  • Exfoliation. Facials can help in exfoliating the skin, which is one of the easiest ways to improve the skin’s appearance and health.
  • Address clogged pores and blackheads. During a facial, our team also provides cleaning of clogged pores and blackheads, impurities that may negatively impact the skin’s health with bacteria and cause unwanted scarring on the skin. We use the proper skin softening techniques to gently extract blackheads and clogs without causing harm to the skin.
  • Improve circulation. In addition to feeling relaxing and amazing, massaging the skin during a facial can also help encourage circulation. This can increase blood flow and speed the skin’s metabolism, improving product absorption. These facial massages can also help in improving stress levels, helping individuals feel better both physically and psychologically.
  • Product absorption. With a full evaluation of the skin, our providers can also integrate products into a patient’s skin care routine to help improve certain areas of concern, including pigmentation, acne, and dehydrated skin.

Schedule your facial appointment today!

At Chevy Chase Dermatology, patients in the community of Chevy Chase, MD are encouraged to speak with Dr. Margaret Summerville about the advantages of integrating regular facials into their current skincare routine. If you are ready to request a facial appointment, call our office at (301) 656-SKIN. Our facility is conveniently located in Suite 830 at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue.

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