Understanding ringworm

June 15, 2021

In terms of contagious skin disease, there are a wide variety that can impact anyone at any time. One of the more common is that of ringworm. 

What is ringworm? 

If you believe that ringworm is caused by worms, you would be wrong! This condition does not involve worms, and is actually a skin infection caused by fungus, just like other fungal infections. The term “ringworm” actually refers to the rash that develops with this infection that makes a ring-like pattern that has a raised border around the edge. It is the same fungal infection that causes athlete’s foot and jock itch. This condition can develop anywhere on the body and become itchy. Treatment is necessary in order to get rid of it, reduce itching, and stop possible spread to others, as it is highly contagious. It can also spread elsewhere on the body, and leave patients uncomfortable due to the relentless itching that is often associated with this type of fungal infections. 

What treatment is used for ringworm? 

Ringworm treatment often includes the use of oral or topical medications to resolve the problem. Precautions to avoid spread and recurrence are also discussed with Dr. Margaret Summerville. This condition can be spread through sharing objects, clothing, or touching contaminated surfaces, so proper treatment and prevention is essential to keep it from becoming an issue for others. With a diagnosis of ringworm, patients will be able to find relief quickly by using the medications as directed. 

What causes ringworm? 

In most cases, ringworm is caused by exposure to someone who has had it. It can infect someone who is sharing a comb, towel, or clothing with others. This fungal infection can also be obtained from walking barefoot on floors which are infected, which is why our dermatologist strongly recommends wearing sandals or water shoes when visiting public pools or showers where spread may occur. 

Do you suspect ringworm? 

Get a proper diagnosis and discuss treatments with the team at Chevy Chase Dermatology. The office is located at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite #830 and is available to new and current patients who call for an appointment at (301) 656-SKIN.

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