What is the Sapphire 3 photo abrasion treatment?

May 15, 2021

Patients unhappy with the appearance of their skin will find that there are several treatment options available to them at Chevy Chase Dermatology. This includes state-of-the-art treatments such as the popular Sapphire 3 photo abrasion service with Dr. Margaret Summerville of Chevy Chase, MD.

What is the Sapphire 3 photo abrasion treatment?

The Sapphire 3 photo abrasion treatment is a specialized treatment that uses several skin rejuvenation processes to improve the skin’s overall health and appearance. It combines various methods of skin treatment including light therapy, lymphatic drainage, microcurrent, and abrasion. By combining these methods of treatment, patients will see dramatic changes in their skin, thanks to the regeneration of new tissue and collagen. Elasticity and firmness are significantly improved, and patients can have several sessions done over time to continually enhance their facial skin.

What can Sapphire 3 photo abrasion treatment address?

Patients with multiple skin concerns will find that the Sapphire 3 photo abrasion treatment can address most of them with a single service! Below are just a few of the conditions that are improved with routine treatments: 

  •         Dry, dehydrated skin
  •         Large, clogged pores
  •         Pigmentation issues
  •         Acne and acne scarring
  •         Actinic keratoses
  •         Fine liens and wrinkles

How long does treatment take?

Most patients will enjoy full treatment within 30-45 minutes, and should consider several treatments spaced one to two weeks to start. Once patients have achieved the results they desire, maintenance treatments every month should be continued.

Do I need to schedule downtime?

The Sapphire 3 photo abrasion treatment is a non-thermal treatment that eliminates the need for downtime and recovery, and most patients report no discomfort during and after their sessions.

Discover the possibilities at Chevy Chase Dermatology!

Dr. Margaret Summerville of Chevy Chase, MD is available to assist patients in the community with treatments that can improve their skin’s appearance while remaining affordable and reliable. Call (301) 656-SKIN to schedule a consultation visit and discuss your needs with our team. We are dedicated to providing patients with ways to enhance their skin’s health and look with today’s amazing dermatological technology available on the market. The office is located at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite #830 and accepts new patients.

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