Acne, Not Just for Teenagers

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June 16, 2016

When you typically think of acne you probably envision an awkward preteen with braces roaming the halls of their junior high being made fun of. And although most preteens and teenagers suffer from embarrassing acne, acne can affect you at any age. Including when you’re a baby and an adult. Read on to learn more.

Baby Acne

If you aren’t familiar with babies or if you’ve never had a baby of your own then you might not be aware that they can develop acne as well. Appearing as tiny little pimples across their cheeks and noses, baby acne can make many new parents highly concerned for their infant’s well-being. However, baby acne is extremely common and isn’t anything to be concerned about as it will typically clear up on its own. Unlike with teen acne that is typically brought on by things like hormones, baby acne is typically caused by things like milk or spit-up being left on the skin for long periods of time.

Adult Acne

If you are in your thirties or even your forties and are starting to develop a little bit of acne, don’t freak out. Although you may have that that you left your acne along with your high school memories long behind, adult acne can easily creep back into your life. Typically caused by things like new facial products or even some hormonal changes (that time of the month for ladies), adult acne is typically treated either with an over-the-counter topical cream or by a prescription topical gel or ointment from Chevy Chase Dermatology.

Acne can affect different people at virtually every stage of life from infancy to adulthood. If you or your infant have acne, it’s nothing to worry too much about. However, if it is starting to turn into more of a nuisance, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with Chevy Chase Dermatology. Contact our office to learn more!

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