Skip Your Time In the Sun: How to Stay Tan Without the Cancer

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August 15, 2016

Skin Cancer Treatment | Dermatology | Dermatologist | Chevy Chase MDSpending time in the sun can be unavoidable some of the time. However, spending your time laying out at the pool or beach, although relaxing, is a recipe for skin cancer disaster. By causing sun damage like sun spots and freckles, aging your skin, and increasing your chance of developing skin cancer, tanning is a habit that you should get rid of. However, just because you skip your time in the sun, doesn’t mean you have to be pasty white. If you are looking for that sun kissed glow without having to lay in the sun for hours on end, try considering one of the options below. Read on to learn more.

Self tanning creams and gels are great ways to give your skin taht added bit of glow. In fact you can self tan your entire body in one day and look like you just spent the last few days at the beach. As a safe and effective way to get tan, self tanners can be purchased at supercenters and drugstores across the country. As a tip for applying self tanners, moisturize areas like your knees and elbows beforehand, this will help to move the self tanner around so it doesn’t stay concentrated in that one area.

Spray Tans
Getting a spray tan is another option that you can use in order to get a tan without the cancer. During a spray tan you will head to a tanning salon or spa and typically stand in a tube like concoction. During the procedure you will cover your hair, genitals, and eyes in order to ensure they don’t get damaged or stained in the process. Then you will raise your arms above your head and spread your legs apart— this will help to ensure that the sprayers can get every part of your body as tan as possible. After just a few minutes, you will be done and ready to go home!

With all of the medical research surround skin cancer, days of spending time in the tanning bed or at the beach are hopefully ideas from the past. Luckily through things such as self-tanners and spray tans you can help to get tan without the cancer. If you would like to learn more about safe ways to get a tan, contact Chevy Chase Dermatology today.

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